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The programs, webinars and articles offered by Shaman21 are intensive journeys of learning and transformation. In order to receive the full benefit of the programs, webinars and articles, members must be committed to their journey. The following policies are intended to assist with a successful experience.   We ask that participants attending any of our offerings do so strictly for educational reasons and not to seek healing of any kind. Persons with health or psychiatric problems may find some programs physically and mentally trying and risky. We recommend that in case of doubt, a physician or mental health professional be consulted.   Shaman21 reserves the right to accept or reject any person as a participant at any time, and to make changes in the service whenever deemed necessary for the comfort, convenience, and safety of our members at any time.  




 Your subscription to the Services is subject to these Renewal and Cancellation Terms. There are various payment and subscription options available for using the Services. These options can be found in the individual Services and may change from time to time. Once you register and your initial payment is processed, your subscription has begun, and you can immediately access the relevant Service.


1. Automatic Renewals of Subscriptions. Subscriptions automatically renew. This means that once you become a subscribing member, your subscription will automatically renew based on the subscription program you chose (e.g. monthly, annually) You will be charged the rate stated at the time of purchase (plus applicable taxes, such as value added tax when the stated rate doesn’t include VAT) at the beginning of each billing term of your subscription via the billing method you have provided to us. Please ensure that your billing information is correct to prevent your subscription from lapsing. Prices and terms for subscriptions may change at any time. The price and terms in place when you made your initial purchase or when your subscription last renewed will stay in effect for the duration of that subscription period, but new prices and terms may apply to renewals or new subscriptions. Shaman21 will give you reasonable notice of any change in price or terms before they go into effect. If you do not want to renew your subscription under these new prices or terms, you may cancel your subscription as described below.


2. Cancellations and Refunds. You may cancel your subscription by contacting us by email at [email protected]. You may also cancel your subscription on your account page in the Services. All refunds will be credited to the billing method associated with your account.


Unless otherwise stated in the terms of your subscription, the following terms will apply:


Free Trials: Some of the Services allow you to register for a free trial so you can try the Services before starting a paid subscription. If you register for a free trial, you may cancel at any time during the free trial period and incur no charge. If you do not cancel during the free trial period, your paid subscription will start once your free trial period ends. (let’s save this copy for future in case we offer)


Monthly Subscriptions: Subscriptions billed on a monthly basis may be cancelled at any time prior to two business days before your renewal date but are not eligible for a refund. If you cancel your monthly subscription, you will retain access to your Services for the remainder of that month. If you do not cancel your subscription prior to two days before your renewal date, we will renew your subscription for one more month.


Subscriptions Longer than a Month: Subscriptions longer than one month may be cancelled during the first 30 days for a full refund. If you cancel this type of subscription after the first 30 days, you will not receive a refund, but you will retain access to the relevant Services for the remainder of your subscription period, after which your subscription will be cancelled. If you do not cancel your subscription within your subscription period, we will renew your subscription for an additional term equivalent in length to your current subscription. Refunds are not based on account usage.


Taxes and Fees: You will be responsible for all taxes and fees charged by other companies such as shipping, mobile carrier fees, data plan charges, overdraft fees, credit card fees, and foreign transaction fees.  




This policy is to ensure that the healing practices, exercises, materials and terms presented to members in Shaman21 are utilized appropriately. In order to enroll in Shaman21, members agree to the restrictions on the use of information presented by Shaman21 and members must observe the following guidelines for using and sharing this work:  

  1. Members may not advertise or present themselves in any way that implies that they are a branch or authorized representative of the Shaman21, Light Body School or The Four Winds Society.
  2. Members may not advertise or represent themselves as being certified by Shaman21 to teach.
  3. Our teaching is an oral tradition and members are encouraged to take notes. However, any downloads handed out in Shaman21 are for the members’ personal use only. Members may not provide materials to any other individuals, including clients or family members, unless authorized by the Four Winds through written permission.
  4. You may not teach Shaman21 healing techniques, methods, exercises, materials or any other part of the curriculum developed or used by the Shaman21 in any manner. Setting up schools, or sponsoring seminars, workshops and training programs that use the Shaman21 techniques, curriculum, and materials is unlawful, and prohibited.
  5. The Shaman21 videos and materials are the property of The Four Winds Society Inc. and may not be downloaded, copied, or reproduced in any way. Copyright © 2018 The Four Winds Society. All rights reserved.


SHAMAN21 Private Facebook Group


As part of your Shaman21 membership, you receive free access to our private Facebook Group after answering qualifying questions and matching your email with submitted email for membership. By enrolling into the Shaman21 Facebook Group you commit to adhering to the rules and guidelines  of the group. Shaman21 reserves the right to accept or reject any person as a participant at any time, and to make changes in the service whenever deemed necessary for the comfort, convenience, and safety of our members at any time.  


Mission Statement

The mission of this group is to provide a virtual sacred space where Shaman21 members can connect with and support each other. This community will help grow our Village, where you can find spiritual sidekicks, build friendships, ask and answer questions, share your shamanic experiences & have fun exploring them with meaningful conversations! The goal of this group is to enhance your Shaman21 experience and make it easy to incorporate shamanic practices with support of others who are in various stages of a similar journey.


Village Confidentiality

Having trust within the village is important to helping everyone grow. Creating a safe and sacred space is vital for open, personal and vulnerable dialogue. Let us hold ourselves to the highest standards of trust and engage respectfully with each other. Do not post or share anything outside of the group without permission from the original poster/s.  


Posting inspiration:

  • Share your successes with implementing shamanic practices into your 21st century world. Let other Shaman21 Members know which practices, tools, messages, etc. are helping you.
  • Questions. Ask any questions you have about applying shamanic practices, best use of tools, and
  • Inspiring, motivating and fun posts.
  • Share a photo or short video of you implenting a practice, how energy of Pachamama shows up for you or joyful experiences as you integrate shmanic practices.
  • What you’ve learned from or experienced by listening to and watching the content related to the current month’s theme.

Posting Don’ts: In order to maintain a safe and sacred space, there are some post that the Shaman21 Village will not allow to keep the integrity of this bonus group. Please read carefully – it is your responsibility to understand and follow these. If you do post any of the below, admins may delete post, mute or remove you from page.

  1. No Promotions. This is sacred space that everyone should feel free to share openly without being afraid of being sold to. Members of this group are not prospects, but peers.Promotion includes:
    • Selling of anything including products, services, programs, etc. including any affiliates program you may be a part of.
    • Promoting an upcoming webinar or live event as lead magnet.
    • Asking for feedback on a product whether it’s a name or the actual product itself.
    • Posting external links to your website, Youtube, or other videos. Note: Posting to supportive article, video, etc. on your site or someone else’s is fine, but must be posted in the comments of a post as a resource, not as an original post.
    • Asking people to message you their email address in exchange for something.
    • Posting from your Business page. Please use your personal page for interaction within the group.
    • Messaging members without them addressing you or requesting to connect. Spamming members via Facebook Membership will be automatic removal.
  2. No live streaming within this group.
  3. Be thoughtful about your questions and comments. This is a sacred, supportive space and a learning environment. Help people feel welcomed and give them the space to be vulnerable as they learn. If someone asks for feedback and you have a helpful criticism, please respond, just be kind with your words and understand everyone is on a journey.
  4. When you share your own stories, do not include links to your own website/social handles/webinars, etc. We want shared posts to be authentic. If it feels questionable, please don’t hesitate to email [email protected] for questions or requests. Admins do not monitor their personal Facebook message. Please send email to make sure you receive a response quickly.

If you are receiving spam from a member or feel these guidelines are being violated, please email [email protected] and our admins will follow up.



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